Available for replay below is a candid conversation with our community experts about the
COVID-19 vaccine
and how it works.

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Dr. Kizzmekia Corbett

NIH Vaccine Researcher

Dr. LaQuandra Nesbitt

Director, DC Health Dept

Anita Jenkins

CEO, Howard Univ Hospital

Sidnie Christian

MPH 2021 Candidate, Epidemiology

The Washington Post featured Pastor Daniels, Madelyn Daniels and other local clergy receiving their COVID-19 vaccination. So far, the number of Black people being vaccinated in DC is very low and that needs to change!  Emory and other churches are aiming to do more to support the vaccine rollout. Read more below!

"Daniels was one of a handful of pastors, along with their spouses, who received a vaccination Wednesday morning as part of the city’s pilot program staging clinics at churches, part of an effort to combat vaccine hesitancy and improve access to the shots in hard-hit neighborhoods where vaccination rates are low.

'I’m grateful to be in a position to be a faith leader to send a very important and critical message to the faith community, particularly the Black faith community,' said Daniels, lead pastor at Emory Fellowship United Methodist Church in D.C.’s Brightwood neighborhood. 'We need to educate ourselves about the vaccine and then go get it.'"

Jenna Portnoy. (2021). Churches pair up with clinics to deliver coronavirus vaccine to those who need it most.


 (Bonnie Jo Mount/The Washington Post)