Daniel Fast for

Faithful Overflow

Thursday October 10, 2019 6 pm until
Thursday October 31, 2019 6 pm


Fasting is a spiritual discipline that involves abstaining from something the body craves for a period of time in order to draw nearer to God in prayer and discernment regarding something needed in our lives.  People in the Bible fasted when they really needed to hear God’s message to them clearly. They also fasted when healing or deliverance was needed.  For our fast we will be following the food disciplines of the Daniel Fast as described in Daniel 1:11-17.  Go to http://www.danielfast.wordpress.com and click on “food list” for a list of what foods are allowed and what foods are not.

Deeper Prayer, Deeper Fasting, Deeper Faith

The Emory Fellowship 

21-day Daniel Fast for Faithful Overflow 

As we continue in this season of deepening our faith in God, I am asking Emory to join together in a corporate 21-day fast. This fast will help us set our minds, hearts and spirit toward God as we enter a new level of faith individually and as a church family. We are expectant that God is going to bless our families, our fellowship, our faith, our finances, our physical fitness — our lives — as we join together in fasting and prayer!  We are expectant that God will continue to show His hand of favor over Emory and that we will see His promised overflow in all areas.


To petition God through prayer and fasting to:


  1. by faith, grant us favor so that we can bless our families, The Emory Fellowship and our communities with abundant favor — physically, emotionally, spiritually, relationally and financially. 

  2. by faith, help us remove the behaviors, attitudes and habits that are not of God in our lives that keep us from walking uprightly, that block us from overflow, and that cause God to withhold from us, not because God wants to, but because in our disobedience, we are not positioned to receive what God wants to give.

  3. by faith, develop spiritual disciplines that always allow our “cups” to be up and our “saucers” overflowing such to where we can give generously, obediently and abundantly to support our families, our communities and our church — The Emory Fellowship. 

  4. by faith, trust God with EVERY matter in our lives.  


Psalm 84:11-12 (NRSV)

“For the Lord God is a sun and shield; He bestows favor and honor.  No good thing does the Lord withhold from those who walk uprightly.  O Lord of hosts, happy is everyone who trusts in you.”


Hebrews 11:6 (CEB)

“It’s impossible to please God without faith because the one who draws near to God must believe that He exists and that He rewards people who try to find Him.”


Journal everyday with the Lord, specifically following the discipline below and writing down the following:


  1. Thanksgiving — What and/or who are you particularly thankful to God for today?  What new light or revelation did the Lord reveal to you today?  What are you grateful to God for shielding you from today? (Psalm 50:14)2

  2. Giving — How did you give to God today by giving to others?  Tomorrow, who or what do you need to give to in order to glorify God and bless other lives?  What increase can/will you give to invest into God’s vision for Emory to lead people to WHOLE lives? (Luke 6:38)

  3. Forgiving — Who do you need to forgive today so that the pathways of deeper overflow can be opened to you?  Who or what do you need to release so that your “cup” can be up, and no Godly good thing withheld from you? (Matthew 6:14)

Come prepared to testify after the fast regarding revelations from God you have received!

Special Note: If you have a medical condition, please check with your doctor before fasting. While involving deprivation of some sort, the discipline of fasting with prayer is meant to draw us deeper into relationship with God through Jesus Christ and to gain greater insight and breakthrough regarding His will and desire for our lives. It is not intended to create or compound health challenges.