Show me someone who is begging for a real church and I will show you someone who is begging for an authentic encounter. Show me someone is begging for a real church and I will show you someone who desires to be meaningfully engaged in something larger than themselves. Show me someone who finds real church and I will show you someone who is alive and positioned to be a blessing to the world.


                        -Dr. Joseph W. Daniels, Jr. 

Lead Pastor: Dr. Joseph W. Daniels, Jr.

Let Us Rejoice!

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Dr. Joseph W. Daniels, Jr. 

Dr. Joseph W. Daniels, Jr. is the Lead Pastor of The Emory Fellowship in Washington, D.C. By God's grace, during Pastor Daniels'  tenure and leadership, the congregation has shifted from having a maintenance mindset to becoming a ministry of impact that reverberates from the District of Columbia to across the globe. The Fellowship has been recognized on numerous occasions for its transformative urban ministry work and strong community based social justice agenda.

Pastor Daniels serves as one of the founders and co-chairs of the Washington Interfaith Network (WIN). He is also the founder of The Emory Beacon of Light, Inc. -- the mission arm of The Emory Fellowship. Over the course of his 25+ year tenure at Emory, he has been an advisor to the Council of Churches of Greater Washington as well as the Fannie Mae Foundation. He has conferred with six successive mayors in the District of Columbia on matters of community revitalization and economic development.
Pastor Daniels is also a Rockefeller Foundation Next Generation Leadership fellow, a former district superintendent in the United Methodist Church and serves as an adjunct professor at Wesley Theological Seminary. 


Pastor Daniels is an author and consultant, frequently writing and teaching on topics surrounding vision and call, leadership development, diversity training, and congregational, community and economic development. He has and continues to serve in a developmental capacity to congregations and communities in Africa, Bermuda and the West Indies. He believes that we are to live a WHOLE life and is an advocate for peace and economic stability for families and communities globally.


Pastor Daniels has been happily married to his wife, Madelyn since 1985. God has blessed them with two children, Joia and Joey, as vital anchors for their ministry together.

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Books by Pastor Daniels 

Dr. Daniels is a published author and lectures around the country. The content of his books is based upon the processes of leading people to WHOLE lives and the responsibility of the church to be REAL - Relevant, Enthusiastic, Authentic and Loving. Each of these books reflect Dr. Daniels' personal relationship with God, the model he espouses for Christ-driven Kingdom building, and a guide for people seeking to deepen their connection in sustainable and authentic ways for 21st century living. 

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Release Date: 2019