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Lenten Season 2021:

Deepen Your Walk

Release. Center.

Keep Up with Our Lenten Fast on Wednesdays!

Fast with us during Lent (February 17 - April 3) 

Concentrate on releasing that which is blocking and distracting you from being able to focus on the plans and purposes of God.  Center yourself on keeping your main things, the main things by: 

  1. Refraining from food on Wednesdays from 6 am to 6 pm – only drink water during this time.

  2. Refraining from using social media on Wednesdays, instead taking this time to draw closer to God in prayer, meditation, and bible study. 

  3. Joining Pastor Daniels in one or both daily devotionals:

    • Read the Bible throughout the year with “The One Year Bible.” Download the app on your phone or other device. There are daily scriptures given to participants to read, that we can do individually, with a partner or in small groups. Download Bible app here

    • Participate in daily devotions through “Lectio 365” -- a powerful 10-15 minute morning devotional that can be read or followed through audio. Focusing on daily meditation, bible reading and prayer, Lectio 365 follows the acronym, “P-R-A-Y,” which stands for “Pause-Reflect-Ask-Yield.” Download Lectio 365 here


Check out our Holy Week celebration here!​​

Keep up with our Lenten Sermon Series every Sunday.  See our Streaming page for worship times and details.

 Our Congregation-Wide Bible Study Continuum 

We are focusing on going deeper in "The Journey to WHOLEness," Wednesday evenings at 7 pm.  Let us look afresh at the biblical text from the previous Sunday sermon, and have lively discussion around three questions:  1) What spoke to you?  2) What challenged you? and 3) How do you feel called to [the sermon focus for that particular Sunday]?

To join the conversation, click here OR  dial 301.715.8592

 and use Meeting ID 847 2782 8206 Passcode 61002021.

Both the worship experience and the Wednesday conversations are designed to renew our commitment to Jesus and one another. Following our Lord and Savior, we commit ourselves to:

If we engage ourselves deeply in these three disciplines anchored in these scriptures, more and more we’ll be able to live a W.H.O.L.E. life (Well physically, Healed emotionally, Obedient spiritually, Loved unconditionally and Empowered financially) and lead others to WHOLEness.