Garden of Hope

The purpose of the Garden of Hope ministry is to facilitate the homeless community's connection and fellowship at the church. We strive to teach and encourage this part of our community to connect and
develop spiritually, physically and emotionally.

We seek to empower homeless people to study and potentially learn more about themselves spiritually through the Word of God, in a comfortable
worship environment.

GOH encourages homeless people to participate in all aspects of the ministry. Also, GOH addresses the issues of hunger, homelessness, addiction, disease, and poverty, as the homeless work to discover and use their God-given gifts and talents. GOH works to lift up and encourage marginalized and
disenfranchised individuals.

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The Winter Warmth Event Was A Success!

The Winter Warmth Event was a success!

The Garden of Hope was able to bless many people in our community that day and many of them were desperate for winter essentials.  Thanks be to God, we distributed 165 blankets along with a gift bag that contained hats, socks, gloves, scarfs, a cup of soup and even a packet of face mask.  On this coming Sunday, we will continue to distribute to the people living in Tent City and on the streets with 100 plus gift bags.  Our donors were most generous and we give thanks to God for them.  We also thank the 12 volunteers that came out to help serve.  We worked swiftly as we listened to Christmas music and gospels played by Michael Nicholas. Thank you to everyone who donated and participated. We also give thanks and blessings to the Panoramic House of Hope for collaborating with us. 

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