Wednesday, January 30, 2019 until we move into the Beacon Center!


We are so very close to moving into our new space in our old home at 6100 Georgia Avenue,
NW. God has brought us a mighty long way! We are coming down the stretch to the finish line.
Our new ribbon cutting date is about to be confirmed. Our new residents will move into their
new units by the end of January. Our congregation will be moving into a new facility in the next
several weeks. With that said, as in anything, the closer you get to the prize, the greater the
challenges become. It is in moments like these where the people of God are summoned by the
Holy Spirit to turn to God in prayer and fasting — petitioning God to finish what God and God
alone has started.

As we move toward the close of our sojourn at Brightwood Education Campus, and to the
beginning of a new season, I’m asking you to join me in a fast for victory. Victory over demonic
forces that would unsuccessfully seek to see that God is not honored. Victory over last minute
challenges to completing this God-ordained project. Victory over a lack of attention to detail.
Victory in securing all the remaining funding we need for the project. Victory in seeing the
residents move into their new homes shortly. Victory in returning to our new worship space to
glorify God. Victory in seeing the expansion of God’s vision for us to live a WHOLE life. Victory
in sealing our oneness with God and with one another as we move into a season we’ve never
seen before — a season full of excitement, newness and possibility.

I invite you to participate in this fast for victory, with the promise from God that victory is coming.


Philippians 1:5-6
Galatians 6:9
Mark 9:14-29


1) to see residents move into the Beacon Center before the end of January; to see the church
move into the Beacon Center in the next few weeks.

2) to see fundraising opportunities open up to complete aspects of the Beacon Center project
and launch us into the next phases of God’s vision for Emory involving housing, health care,
food, education and workforce development.

3) to grant us favor as we transition into a new space and a new season of ministry.

4) to ground us in a spirit of gratitude and thanksgiving in and beyond the transition for all that
God has done and is doing in our midst.

5) to strengthen and carry us spiritually and worshipfully to the next steps of God’s vision
for Emory.


FOR BEGINNERS: surrender one meal a day, refrain from fried foods, fast foods, sodas, sweets
and desserts, except on Sundays.

FOR VETERANS: water only from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Wednesdays and Fridays, refrain from fried
foods, fast foods, sodas, sweets and desserts, except on Sundays

FOR THOSE WITH MEDICAL RESTRICTIONS: follow doctor’s orders at all times, and eat whenever
necessary. Give up something else that you must have or can’t seem to do without for the
duration of the fast.


Fasting is a spiritual discipline people of faith periodically enter into with God to experience
spiritual breakthrough in specific areas of our lives and ministry. It involves depriving ourselves
of something we crave, while engaging in specific intercessory and intervening prayer — so that
we can experience breakthrough and blessing in very key, critical and tangible situations in our
lives. Emory has and is being positioned by God to have an enormous, holistic impact on our
community, city and region, let alone country and world. Readiness for this moment is required.
This readiness is grounded in our personal and collective faith in Jesus Christ. Join us as we
encounter God afresh!

©2018 by The Emory Fellowship.