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January 23

“This vital and powerful Activate Training is critical to helping us shape the future of The Emory Fellowship as a congregation, even more deeply and passionately rooted in meeting tangible needs of people in our community while offering Christ.  And it is essential as we shape our vision of leading people to WHOLE lives moving forward.”

-Pastor Daniels

Part 2: Saturday, January 23rd @ 10am – 12:30pm

Via Zoom

Activate Training Overview
Activate Training is a training event that will help lay the foundation for expanding Emory’s mobilization efforts. It will help you discover and live out a unique missional vision and calling from God.  The training is a total of 5 hours (2.5 hours for each session) and involves four parts:
Part 1 - Biblical Foundations – Participants explore the biblical basis of God’s plan for restoring a lost world through Jesus Christ, and how God desires that the church join Jesus in his mission of making disciples among the unreached.
Part 2 - The World of Mission – Participants receive new and surprising insights of the world the church is called to engage.
Part 3 - On Mission with God – Paradigm shifts your church. Emory can make to join Jesus in his mission.
Part 4 – A Six-Part Mobilization Strategy – Participants receive a vision and model of mission involving six key strategies that, when applied, will mobilize the entire congregation for outreach, evangelism, and disciple-making among the unreached that is strategic and significant.

Who should attend?

Everyone at Emory! In this way, the entire congregation catches a vision for mission and evangelism among the unreached at home and around the world. Also, it is essential that all church staff, the mission team, and other key leaders passionate about missions at home and around the world attend.

Facilitator: Rev. Sonji Pass, TMS Global

Sonji Pass is the regional director of Church Culture. Prior to joining the staff of TMS Global, she served as a cross-cultural worker in the nation of Kenya for more than 12 years. Over the past 20 years, she has trained and led numerous short-term mission teams, co-founded a church planting/discipleship school in remote Kenya, designed and implemented HIV/AIDS educational workshops, and has served as speaker at many conferences and retreats. Sonji brings the unique combination of experiences on the field as a missionary, on staff at a church, and inside mission agencies as she helps awaken congregations to their important role in missions.

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